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  • T. Maguire, D. Burston

"We Walk with Harriet"

On September 10th, eight weary women, led by Linda Harris, strode into Kennett Square, completing their 116-mile journey on foot, replicating the trek made some 170 years earlier by Harriet Tubman.

They began on Sept. 5, averaging about 20 miles a day. The group created a Facebook page to chronicle their journey, and they were struck by the generally positive and supportive reaction of people as they hiked. On the first and last day they were accompanied by Ken Johnston, who made the same trek last winter. As they finally rested, there were about 150 people of all races and ages who cheered and greeted them. Our own Lynn Sinclair worked hard that day to seamlessly merge the Kennett Square Occupation Day Commemoration with the arrival of the women who walked with Harriet! KURC Board members, Crystal Crampton and Debbie and Adrian Burston were very pleased to be able to give each walker a copy of R.C. Smedley's 1871 book on the UGRR in Chester County. We are now waiting for their return to Kennett Square.

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